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To contact Play-by-Play, please e-mail info@play-by-play.com and include a daytime phone number or call us at 212-868-7052. Please leave a voice message if calling outside of business hours. Office hours are Monday through Friday 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Saturday 11 AM to 3PM.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Memberships are limited and therefore subject to availability and approval. Members must be at least 18 years of age, and memberships can be terminated due to violation of any of these Terms and Conditions (without refund).

  2. The annual cost of a Play-by-Play membership is $99 plus a $16 processing fee. A single membership has access to a minimum of two tickets from the available inventory, unless otherwise indicated.
    A double membership is $198 plus a $24 processing fee. A double membership has access to a minimum of four tickets from the available inventory, unless otherwise indicated.
    Play-by-Play accounts are not automatically renewed. Existing members are invited back based on account history.

  3. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Reservation fees are subject to cancellation policy. Only Play-by-Play account holders can make or cancel a reservation, pick up tickets and attend an event using Play-by-Play tickets. For each ticket reserved, members are required to pay the posted service fee per ticket. Upon joining, each member creates a debit account. The service fee is automatically deducted from this account. You may not reserve more than one production per show time.

  4. The selling of tickets acquired through Play-by-Play is strictly prohibited by law and will result in the immediate termination of membership (without refund) as well as appropriate legal action.

  5. The information provided to members on the Play-by-Play website is confidential and intended for the use of Play-by-Play members only. Members found disclosing such information in any public setting deemed inappropriate (i.e. chat rooms, social websites, theaters), by Play-by-Play management, may have their membership immediately revoked (without refund).

  6. Play-by-Play personnel and venue management reserves the right to refuse tickets for inappropriate dress and or conduct before and during a show and may have their membership immediately revoked (without refund).

  7. Play-by-Play reserves the right to increase all membership fees and the right to update the Terms and Conditions at its discretion without notice. If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms and Conditions please call 212-868-7052.


Play-by-Play members are required to collect the complimentary tickets at the box office or other designated locations during the time period stated in RED on the reservation page of the listing. Please remember, venues need Play-by-Play members to follow the designated pick up instructions so as not to interfere with the arrival of paying patrons. Venue management reserves the right to withhold Play-by-Play tickets collected outside of the designated time period. When a Play-by-Play representative is distributing tickets he/she is to be considered the box office and all Terms and Conditions as well as Standards and Decorum are to be followed as stated here.

All members are required to have government issued photo identification in hand when collecting tickets. Play-by-Play and venue personnel reserve the right to withhold tickets if appropriate identification is not provided. Members arriving too early or late are forbidden from approaching participating box offices to request tickets. Sending a non-member (i.e. spouse family member or friend) to pick up tickets is considered transferring members privileges. These actions may result in immediate cancellation of membership (without refund).

In the unlikely event that a box office is unable to honor a Play-by-Play reservation, members are asked to cooperate fully with the venue personnel and immediately inform Play-by-Play of the circumstances. Play-by-Play will refund all service fees when deemed appropriate. Do not re-approach the box office unless you are willing to pay full price for a ticket.


If for any reason you cannot attend a show that you have reserved, you the member are required to contact Play-by-Play as soon as possible, to cancel an upcoming reservation dial 212-868-7052. Please leave a clear voice message with your name, show title, and performance time, if you are unable to cancel a reservation during Play-by-Play business hours.

All cancellations are subject to a $10 penalty per ticket in addition to the non-refundable reservation fee. Play-by-Play members are forbidden from finding any replacement seat-fillers for their cancelled tickets, as this is considered transferring membership privileges.

Any member arriving late for a specified Play-by-Play ticket distribution will be charged a $10 penalty per ticket.

Any member who does not cancel and does not show for any venue pick-up is considered a "No Show" and will be charge $20 per ticket.


All members and the member's guests must follow the appropriate "Standards of Decorum" established by this organization in conjunction with participating venues. Following these standards helps ensure participating venues will use Play-by-Play for future performances.
  • Please do not question or complain to anyone about a seat assignment.

  • Please remember to be polite and respectful to the theatre hosts (just saying "thank you" goes a long way in ensuring that Play-by-Play will be called upon for future performances).

  • As members are being used for seat-filling purposes, please remain for the entire performance and, of course, respect other audience members.

  • Please refrain from discussing Play-by-Play or its services in participating venues (do not solicit new members on behalf of Play-by-Play or mention that your seats were complimentary to anyone, including your guests while in the venue).

  • Any negative discussion of performances in the theater is strictly forbidden.

  • Remember members are enjoying these events at the invitation of participating venues: please act accordingly. Play-by-Play reserves the right to revoke a membership (without refund) if we feel that through your actions or the actions of your guest you have misrepresented Play-by-Play.


The goal of Play-by-Play is not only to fill empty seats, but to also "dress the house" for all productions. All members and their guests must follow the appropriate "Standards of Dress" when attending a function under the auspice of Play-by-Play. These standards were established by this organization in conjunction with participating venues.
  • Smart Casual Attire will be the usual standard for all productions unless Corporate Attire, Dressy Attire or Black Tie is specified.

  • When a reservation listing reads Corporate Attire please dress accordingly. Refrain from wearing t-shirts, casual sporting attire (including tennis shoes), beach wear, and medium or light washed denim. Dark denim that is "dressed up" with a dinner jacket/dress shirt or blouse is considered appropriate.

  • A listing that reads Dressy Attire requires all men to wear a dinner jacket/tie/dress pant or suit. Women are required to wear a dress pant/ blouse/suit or cocktail dress.

  • In the rare event that a listing reads Black Tie, tuxedos are required for men. Women are required to wear an evening gown or a formal cocktail dress.

I have read all the above information, I understand and agree that as a member of Play-by-Play I will abide by the "Terms & Conditions", "Collecting Tickets", "Cancellations & Failure to Collect Policy" "Standards & Decorum" and "Standards of Dress" and that my memberships can be terminated due to violation of any of these Terms and Conditions (without refund).

Play-by-Play is a privately owned organization and reserves the right to refuse membership.

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